الاثنين، 22 مايو 2017


Am still here , stuck in a world that it is without world
searching for myself, still I don't found it.
 Day by day i become  more isolated, I don't found
with people what 
make me feel me, but  in the end 
the soul need to be feeding , its hungry ...

I have good life Masha Alla but am still feeling missing something,
their is something special for me will come one day ,
make me feel i found my self..
but to be honest / i don't trust anybody
No one know you like you  
But I believe that their is always someone that
 if not understand you , at least will push you always ,
and calm you down when you be angry or upset.

Open your heart to the life ,
you will found surround you many types of people,
 the shocked thing
that their is some people like me... stay in shadow ..watch from far..
see  alive things moving and communicate with them but
 deeply from inside prefer to stay in a peace with his soul
 ..and the cup of tea 

So, when i tell him ..I Don't want this or that ,
He/She   will understand why..
that is blessing from Allah for me
its gift 

So that /.....
i miss my gift always

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